DAC was hired by the city of Livingston to lead an update project for their local water reclamation facility. It proved to be a sizable project, requiring a handful of new buildings and a laundry list of technical upgrades. Some of the more impressive results were pair of 1 million-gallon reactors, a 1,100 CY monolithic concrete slab, and over 330 tons of reinforcing steel used throughout the site. There were a variety of challenges to consider, from the specific technical requirements to the precautions needed when working on a contaminated Superfund site.
Project Facts
Completed: April 2019
Project Budget: $15.4 Million
Incident-Free Man Hours: 470,000
Gallons of Water Storage Created
Concrete Placed and Finished
Lineal Feet of Wall Constructed
From the early planning stages to the finishing touches, Dick Anderson Construction has been excellent to work with.
President, CEO
They are proven stewards of an owner’s money, steadfastly adhering to strict budget constraints and tight schedules.
Mary Jo Devener — SVP of Operations
I have worked with Dick Anderson Construction on multiple remodel projects… and am very pleased and impressed with the quality of their work, jobsite safety, and attention to detail..
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