Taco Bell


DAC was brought on to lead construction and renovation on three separate Taco Bell locations. The first project, located on Northern Montana Avenue in Helena, MT. meant demolishing the pre-existing location down to the concrete foundation, then building it back up with all the latest model finishes, including a walk-in freezer and additional floor space.

The second location, on Harrison avenue in Butte, started as a relatively small freezer addition project, before increasing in scope to include new back-of-house flooring and upgraded finishes.

The third location, on Truck Stop Lane in Missoula, was the first ground-up build undertaken by DAC for this owner. Efficient use of space and uncooperative soil conditions were the predominant challenges throughout the project, but thanks to supportive ownership and a strong team-based approach, the final product proved to be a major success.
Project Facts
Target Duration: 80 days from cured concrete slab
Contract Amounts: $900,000 to $1.6 million
Square Feet: 2,000 square feet to 2,500 square feet
Completed Locations
Helena #1, Butte, Missoula Wye, Hamilton
Upcoming Builds
Helena #2, Kalispell #2
Wood Framed New Construction and Renovations
From the early planning stages to the finishing touches, Dick Anderson Construction has been excellent to work with.
President, CEO
The DAC Team was a true partner in every sense of the word.
Keith Rupert — Sr. Architect
They are proven stewards of an owner’s money, steadfastly adhering to strict budget constraints and tight schedules.
Mary Jo Devener — SVP of Operations
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