Sperry Chalet
Phase II


After a one-month award delay on our second renovation phase on the historic Sperry Chalet, DAC finally received the full project go-ahead in late may of 2019. Immediately, we were faced with a time crunch—part of the project meant the installation of a set of historic windows, which required a sixteen-week lead time. And with a work season ending in mid-September, there wasn’t much room for error. We were also tasked with rebuilding the Chalet’s stone walls in a way that matched the color and integrity of the originals, built in 1913. To do this, we had rock samples analyzed for matching pigments. Thankfully, we were able to find a good nearby source—a quarry , located on a steep rock slide about 1500 feet above the Chalet. Thanks to some hard work and skillful helicopter piloting, we were able to fly the rocks down from the quarry and place them directly onto our jobsite scaffolding, saving untold time. Meticulous planning, logistics, and offsite work were the undeniable keys to the project, which required all hands on deck—from the upper levels of the federal government, to the laborers handling rigging onsite. We were forced to shut down early due to two feet of heavy September snow, but we were able to return the next June and quickly check the projects remaining boxes.
Project Facts
Completed: October 2019
Contract: $5.9 million
Location: Historic Landmark
Historic Wood Windows
Lab-Tested Rock Pigment for Historical Accuracy
Heavy Helicopter Work
No project has meant so much to so many people…all was handled with the utmost professionalism and respect for the environment and the historic structure.
Glacier National Park Volunteer Associates
DAC has done a great job communicating with the design team early in the process to avoid delays and mistakes. It has been a good working relationship with the DAC team. I appreciate it very much!
CWG Architecture - Project Manager
The DAC Team was a true partner in every sense of the word.
Keith Rupert — Sr. Architect
The key attributes of the Dick Anderson team are their capabilities, work effort, and ability to manage.
Danny Kaluza — Director of Support Services
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