Buffalo Wild


The Bozeman Buffalo Wild Wings was built over the summer and fall of 2019. The structure is 7,100 SF and offers both inside and outside dinning as well as a heated outdoor patio. The restaurant is open to structure above and carries the well known BWW color schemes and décor. There was also a significant amount of sitework due to the site being surrounded on 3 sides by city. The project consisted of 16,660 SF of parking, 13,850 SF of landscape area and 1,500 ft of new gravel trail around the building.

One of the paramount challenges with this project was its location. The structure is located in, what was, a swamp. Extensive dewatering and careful excavation were needed to build the foundation. The entire footprint of the building had to be brought up with structural fill to ensure proper loading. For the parking lot, a mixture of fabrics, geogrids and fill were used to help ensure the installation of the parking lot over the old swamp would be a lasting product.
Project Facts
Completed: November 2019
Project Budget: $3.3 Million
Square Feet: 7,100
16,660 SF of parking
13,850 SF of landscape area
Challenges with this project was its location. The structure is located in, what was, a swamp
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