First Interstate Bank
— Livingston Branch


Since 1930, First Interstate Bank occupied the corner of W. Callender and South 2nd Streets in Livingston. Through the decades, the bank building underwent numerous additions and renovations but continued to be a cornerstone of the downtown business district. Evolutions in the banking industry and client needs made it apparent that a change was needed for this branch. First Interstate Bank wanted to ensure, although not obligated to adhere to historic preservation standards, the new building would blend in with the historic feel of neighboring buildings. After numerous meetings with the local Historic Preservation Board, a proposed plan and building were approved for construction. The bank held some unique architectural elements that were repurposed to other buildings in Livingston, including two vault doors, windows, millwork, and numerous pieces of artwork. A prized J.K. Ralston painting was stored in Bozeman during construction and now prominently hangs above the teller area.
Project Facts
Completed: August 2021
Project Budget: $5.5 Million
Seventy-Two Solar Panels Installed on Roof
Generating 66% of the Energy Needed to Serve Building
Based on our experience … Dick Anderson Construction is a world-class organization.
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I am very confident in their abilities and work ethics. I trust that they will deliver on time and within budget.
Lew Anderson — Bond Manager
If you are looking for a firm that comes to the table highly prepared, that focuses on detail, and who makes your project their own, Dick Anderson Construction is an excellent choice.
Andrew Davidson — President
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