The Construction Process

The construction process is a tremendously complex undertaking with a singular goal: meet the client’s objectives. Dick Anderson Construction, with its more than 40 years of developing expertise, forming relationships and valuing teamwork, achieves that goal with every project it completes.


A project hastily built on a shaky foundation will fail. That’s why pre-construction work is critical to project success. Everything rides on this key stage where designs are created, construction plans formulated, budgets forecast and schedules set.

  • Value Engineering

    In value engineering, we analyze the owner’s requirement for a project and work to achieve the essential functions at the lowest total cost, including capital, operations and maintenance over the life of the project. See More

  • 3D Modeling

    Business information modeling (BIM) generates 3D images from digital drawings and identifies design conflicts long before construction starts., saving considerable time and money when conflicts are addressed in the design phase, not during the building phase. See more

  • Budget Estimates

    Utilizing our decades of planning expertise and the latest estimating and scheduling software, we prepare early construction estimates that are realistic, giving the client an opportunity to modify the scope of projects as needed. See more

  • Updated Schedules

    Our project managers produce regularly updated schedules that keep projects on track and on budget. We work closely with subcontractors and suppliers to monitor labor and delivery issues. See more

  • Development & Leasing

    DAC will work with owners to build or finance structures on the owner’s property or to find locations appropriate for their project. We have partnered with many clients in developments to help move their plans forward. See more

  • Management Choices

    We have expertise in all construction methodologies. Owners may choose DAC to undertake a project under design/build, construction manager at risk (CMAR), general contractor, project management or other methods.

Pre Construction

Value engineering, 3d modeling can deliver cost savings


After groundbreaking ceremonies end and construction begins, we bring our exceptional expertise to the job site. We manage ongoing planning and scheduling, monitor material procurement and track costs for supplies and labor. We organize subcontractors and inspect work throughout construction to ensure it meets the highest standards for quality.

  • Project manager

    Our project leaders will manage all stages of a construction project – from design, budgeting, preconstruction services, scheduling, organizing subcontractors, construction, monitoring quality and safety and administering contracts. See more

  • General Contractor

    For more than 40 years, DAC has performed exceptional service as a general contractor on many projects. We work closely with owner-retained architects to meet project design specifications and direct subcontractors’ efforts. See more

  • Subcontractor Direction

    Our supervisors know all facets of construction. They understand the order of tasks that need to be completed and work daily with subcontractors to ensure that their finished product meets or exceeds our high standards.

  • Scheduling

    With so many successful projects in our portfolio, we have developed great expertise creating reliable schedules. We not only schedule our construction crews, but also organize subcontractors, secure permits and arrange inspections.

  • Design/Build

    In the design/build method of delivery, we retain the architect and form the design team, taking the project from start to finish. It provides the owner with a single source of responsibility for the project. It is a collaborative process where all parties – designers, engineers, subcontractors, etc., work as a team. See more

  • Value Delivery

    Whether owners choose to utilize design/build, general contractor, project manager, CMAR or other construction services or methods, we employ a cost control system to build value and savings into projects.


Design/build, CMAR, CM/GC & other methods meet client needs


As we reach the milestones of substantial completion, inspection and issuance of a certificate of occupancy, a new set of processes begin. The punch list is reviewed and all work listed is completed to the owner’s satisfaction. Systems are tested and closeout documents, including as-built drawings, operation manuals, and product and labor warranties, are given to a satisfied owner. Final payments and releases are issued.

  • System Start-up

    Working with the owner, architect and design team, self-performing crews, subcontractors and others involved in the construction, we fire up all operating systems and utilities to ensure everything is in working order.

  • Drawings, Manuals

    We make sure all schematic drawings, maintenance manuals, 3D modeling files with embedded information, operating guides and other written materials required by the construction contract are delivered to the owner.

  • Warranty

    During the warranty period, we assist the owner in addressing any concerns that arise regarding the project. If there are problems, we determine causes and offer solutions. We work with architects and subcontractors in this process.

  • Inspection

    We assist and accompany owners during inspections by stakeholders and government officials. We submit documentation to permitting agencies to meet appropriate guidelines before occupancy is approved.

  • As-Built Documents

    Working with subcontractors and others involved in construction, we coordinate and expedite delivery of “as-built” documents to owners. We review documents to make sure they are in good order and ready for handover.

  • Final Payments

    Work with all parties involved in construction to assemble final lien releases provided and make recommendations to the owner regarding final payments. We also prepare reports of final project costs.

Post Construction

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