Challenging Projects

Dick Anderson Construction welcomes projects with mission-critical timing, tangible risks to public safety during construction, sites that are environmentally sensitive, complex systems such as IT, security or food service, and having to endure intense public scrutiny. These projects keep us sharp and prepared for the next job – which could be yours.

Experienced in the most challenging jobs

Hard projects

Winter or remote work

Construction conditions can be severe in our region, often putting less experienced GCs behind the eight ball. Long ago we put in place an agile set of practices to keep things moving in challenging circumstances.

Hard projects

Mission-critical timing

DAC goes further than needed on the front end of the project to prepare and scrutinize work schedules. Our contingency plans are not just on paper but ready to go to protect critical completion dates.

Hard projects

Minimal civilian impact

More and more infrastructure and building work will be done in close confines where proximity with neighbors and environmentally sensitive assets create special challenges. DAC is uniquely prepared to overcome these special needs.

US Green Building Council

Environmental expertise

DAC is not just certified but experienced in green design and practices. Numerous DAC projects have earned LEED Gold and Silver certifications, including The Montana State Fund Project, and the Morrison Maierle Office Building.

Hard projects

Public scrutiny

Vested interests and advocacy groups now get involved on the front end and have unprecedented visibility throughout construction. We are prepared to manage sensitive projects through to timely completion.

Clients benefit from our experiences

We prepare for the most difficult jobs, so every job benefits. If your job has special challenges, DAC has probably confronted and overcome them before by utilizing:

  • Building information modeling in 3D to work smarter on the front end
  • Looping the whole team and owners with project management software
  • Leveraging our deep project management experiences
  • Involving subcontractors early in the process to discover better approaches

Let us tackle your most difficult project