Preconstruction really matters

July 22nd, 2016

A construction project that breaks ground without a strong preconstruction process in place is a project that may not succeed.

At Dick Anderson Construction, our Preconstruction Services are critical to the success of our process.

We identify needs and expectations of our clients. We perform site analysis and assist with agencies requiring approvals. We utilize value engineering, where we determine if the scope of the project conforms to the proposed budget, and suggest cost savings to stay on budget.

We will schedule the project from start to finish, working with all parties involved in design and construction. We also manage the procurement of materials to ensure there are no preventable delays.

Our experienced project managers and superintendents, equipped with the latest scheduling software, such as Primavera P6, give us great planning and scheduling capabilities.

To build accurate budgets, we review our vast database of projects. We analyze costs for labor and material and see how they have changed over time. The project owner receives budget information early in the process to keep all parties on the same page and moving forward with a common understanding of the project scope.

We verify cost projections based on the latest information available on labor, materials and other variables. Our accounting systems create a clear picture of costs vs. budget throughout the project.

Our constantly-updated schedules are critical to keeping the project on track and on budget. We get detailed input from subcontractors on manpower and materials and customize schedules to meet the needs of clients.

Often when involved in a project involving new construction and renovation, we will adopt a “phasing” schedule to lessen the impact on the facility’s operations during construction.

We believe in value engineering, which is not simply an exercise in cutting costs. Reducing costs at the expense of quality is not the goal. Value engineering is a creative method of maximizing a project’s function while minimizing cost to deliver the greatest value to our clients.

In value engineering, value is defined as function divided by cost. We take a systematic team approach to analyze owner’s requirements for a project. We want to achieve the essential functions at the lowest total cost, which includes capital, operations and maintenance over the life of the project.

DAC’s practical experience, materials knowledge and purchasing options can often generate substantial savings while boosting a project’s value.

We employ Building Information Modeling, or BIM, to create three-dimensional digital models of projects that will reveal conflicts long before construction begins. This technology allows us to develop more accurate estimates and head off any preventable construction delays. It helps projects and the work crews assigned to them operate more efficiently. We have more experience with BIM than other contractors in our region — another tool to help us meet the goals of our customers.