Value engineering offers many beneficial solutions

At Dick Anderson Construction, value engineering is not simply an exercise in cutting costs. Reducing costs at the expense of quality is not the goal. Value engineering is a creative method of maximizing a project’s function while minimizing cost to deliver the greatest value to our clients.

Value is defined as function divided by cost. We take a systematic team approach to analyze owner’s requirements for a project. We want to achieve the essential functions at the lowest total cost, which includes capital, operations and maintenance over the life of the project.

DAC’s practical experience, materials knowledge and purchasing options can often generate substantial savings while boosting a project’s value.

Increasing value on owner investments

Value engineering

Striking a

Value engineering creates a balance between initial costs and long-term operating budget.

Value engineering

Studying the options

DAC carefully considers and explains project alternatives that are available to the owner.

Value engineering

More than cost-cutting

The value engineering process can improve a project without sacrificing its integrity.


Team Meetings Yield Added Value & Quality

In providing our value engineering services, DAC can improve a project’s value while meeting owner requirements by:

  • Modifying or eliminating elements that are not essential
  • Bringing a project with budget issues back into line during preconstruction
  • Adding elements that provide functions that are important yet not attained
  • Changing elements to improve quality or performance to meet more desired levels set by the owner or user

At meetings during the design phase of the project, an owner’s objectives, definition of value, and key criteria are reviewed. Design team members brainstorm many ways to reduce initial or lifecycle costs while still maximizing function. The clients then decide which value management suggestions provide the best combination of cost reductions and value enhancement.

Through value engineering, we arrive at less expensive alternatives for some systems or materials and incorporate higher quality products to increase value and owner satisfaction.

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