We build, we develop, we partner for clients

The financial strength and stellar reputation of Dick Anderson Construction provides great opportunities for clients looking for guidance and assistance in developing their projects.

We look forward to constructing commercial, industrial or residential buildings on the owner’s property and turning the keys over to them upon completion. But if project owners have not locked in a building site we will work with them to identify building locations. If they are looking for a partner in developing a project, we would be interested in learning more about their business plan and how we might contribute to its long-term success.

A legacy of construction excellence

Development and Leasing

On the ground level

DAC looks for opportunities to partner with businesses or agencies on exciting projects.

Development and Leasing

Economies of scale

By working with us, clients will discover benefits of working with a leader in the construction and development industry.

Development and Leasing

Leasing options

Many government agencies and private businesses enjoy productive leasing relationships with our company.

Financing Options Available

For many clients, we take on a developer’s role and own the project, then lease space to them or sell the building to them after it is occupied. We develop property across the region and have worked with businesses and individuals interested in building or leasing space in new or existing developments.

We provide initial financing options for some clients, who benefit from working with a company with our strong reputation. When Dick Anderson Construction invests in a project, we bring credibility, financial stability, development expertise and construction excellence to the table – a full-service package from start to finish.

Interested in building a LEED project?

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