We deliver budgets & schedules that work

The planning expertise of our project managers and superintendents combined with the power of the latest scheduling software has moved Dick Anderson Construction to the leading edge of planning and scheduling capabilities in the industry.

When we budget, we review our large database of previous projects to compare costs. We go beyond our project history and use national data on all categories of projects focusing on data for the appropriate state and regional costs in today’s dollars.

We provide information to the owner to get feedback on our projections and will modify the scope of work or the budget as needed.

We’ll keep your schedule on track

Budgeting and scheduling

Exceptional Planning

Working closely with the design team, we create budgets and schedules that meet the needs of our clients.

Budgeting and scheduling

Cost Verification

As work progresses, project managers and superintendents monitor to ensure the budget remains on track.

Budgeting and scheduling

Want More Details?

Corporate clients who require Earned Value Management reporting are accommodated with our integrated EVM software.

Frequent updates keep customers informed

We constantly verify cost projections based on latest information on market conditions, subcontractor bids and other variables. Our sophisticated accounting systems create an accurate picture of costs vs. budget throughout the project.

Our project leaders produce clear, precise and consistently updated schedules that keep the project on track and on budget. We get detailed input from subcontractors on manpower and materials and customize schedules to meet the needs of clients. We can provide:

  • Full schedule updates
  • Three-week lookahead schedules
  • Three-month lookahead schedules
  • Detailed schedules for specific portions of the work (foundations, structural steel erection, framing, mechanical, electrical, plumbing rough-in, finishes, etc.)

When undertaking a renovation or expansion involving an existing facility, we work closely with architects and owners to create an intricate “phasing” schedule that minimizes impact on the facility’s operations while construction is underway.

Let us manage your project.

Keeping projects on time, on budget