Bim boosts collaboration, reveals conflicts in 3d

Imagine a system that identifies construction problems months before golden shovels move dirt at a project owner’s groundbreaking ceremony. Dick Anderson Construction has employed such a system since 2013, helping architects, engineers, suppliers, fabricators and other stakeholders work together to ensure design and building information is shared before and during construction.

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, combines digital models of a building into a database that is easy to query in both a visual and numerical way. Our BIM clash detection software, Navisworks, generates 3D models that show the virtual equivalents of all parts and pieces of the project – walls, windows, pipes, ducts, wiring – that are put into digital drawings by architects, engineers and other members of the project team. Being able to visualize difficult valve locations or ductwork routing that conflicts with beams and columns prior to the fabrication of components saves thousands of dollars in field fabrication and can cut weeks off a project schedule.

A great tool for complex projects

3D Modeling

Scheduling help

The use of BIM as a planning tool benefits scheduling, estimating and risk analysis for construction projects big and small.

3D Modeling

A new dimension

BIM (Building Information Modeling) shows a 3D view of a project. CAD (Computer Aided Design) yields 2D images.

3D Modeling

BIM experience

We lead the way across the region in BIM expertise and have saved clients money and time by applying this technology.

Build in success with BIM analysis

Using cutting-edge BIM technology, we produce a full federated 3D model of the project for review and coordinate meetings with design teams and others who have their individual plans included in the model. We have identified nearly 100 conflicts per project in our BIM work to date, which means that we are able to:

  • identify problems long before construction begins
  • develop more accurate estimates
  • engineer out construction and maintenance costs
  • set schedules for project phases with more certainty
  • prevent costly delays needed to resolve conflicts in the field
  • increase collaboration of stakeholders
  • boost productivity of work crews

No other contractor in our region has more experience in BIM than Dick Anderson Construction. This line-item service provides a substantial return on investment for many of today’s complex

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