Wind Energy Projects

October 4th, 2016


Ever wonder what it takes to erect the largest wind turbines in Montana?  Check out the link below to see a photographic sequence that takes you from the erection of the main pylon to raising of the turbine to lifting of the blade assembly. The scale of the pieces is impressive. View the project from the top of the turbine, 275 feet in the air. Imagine yourself overlooking the prairie from the top of the structure. Check out the photographs of the Greenfield Wind Project on our Energy page: .

The project is located near Fairfield, Montana and is part of a 30 megawatt facility. Dick Anderson Construction started by constructing eight miles of roads for the site. Thirteen 34 foot deep post-tensioned concrete foundations were then constructed to support the massive construction above. When constructed, the distance from the ground to the center of the rotor is 275 feet and to the highest blade is 450 feet. The First Interstate Center in Billings, Montana, the tallest building in the state, is 272 feet for purposes of comparison.  Each blade is 175 feet long. DAC built the substation building for the project as well.

Dick Anderson Construction is currently building a wind energy project in Minnesota. We built our expertise and now we build projects wherever there is a need. From roads , utilities, water treatment plants and bridges to beautiful, multi-story office buildings and schools Dick Anderson Construction builds them all.