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Color us green.

At Dick Anderson Construction, we believe in green building practices and have adopted a philosophy that puts us at the forefront of green building construction. We are committed to constructing environmentally responsible and resource-efficient projects. We’re proud to have constructed the first privately-owned LEED Gold certified building in Montana.

Not only do green projects have a positive impact on public health and the environment, but they often reduce operating costs, boost occupant productivity, enhance a building’s marketability and bring pride to an organization.

Our commitment to green building starts with our LEED Accredited president to multiple project managers who are LEED Accredited Professionals. We are investing in more training so other managers will obtain their LEED certification, allowing them to advise clients and perform the tracking and documentation for construction-related LEED credits in house.

Trained & experienced in the ways of LEED

Energy Efficient

Believing in green

Diverting construction waste, using sustainable materials and installing more-efficient lighting are steps to environmentally-responsive projects.

US Green Building Council

A LEED leader

We have extensive training and experience with LEED projects and know which credits to pursue to ensure certification.

Green Building

Energy savings

We have worked with owners to construct energy-efficient buildings that earn high marks on the Department of Energy’s Energy Star rating system.

Collaboration is key to sustainable design

A main benefit of LEED is the collaboration between the owner, architect, engineers, contractors and consultants that takes place early in the planning process. We identify materials that contain recycled content that can be purchased from local and regional sources. We install products that meet or exceed the standards for low-emitting materials to improve indoor air quality. We stress recycling and have recycled between 50-95% of construction debris on recent projects. Owners have earned credits for using 50% or more of sustainably harvested wood products.

We work with the design team early to identify and pursue LEED credits that can be captured in the final plan and submitted for review. While upfront costs may be slightly higher for a green project, these costs often pale in comparison to short- and long-term benefits of a LEED-certified building.

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