Design/build delivers collaboration & efficiency

In a traditional low-bid project, if the design is missing a detail after construction begins, the general contractor will likely go back to the owner’s architect with a change order, leading to construction delays and unbudgeted costs. Using the design/build method of construction delivery, Dick Anderson Construction retains and leads the project team and takes responsibility for designing and constructing a project from start to finish. The owner provides us with the scope of the project and the proposed construction budget and we get busy to deliver a project on time and on budget.

The design-build method employs a collaborative process, avoiding potentially contentious relationships among architects, engineers, subcontractors and contractors working independently on a project.

Quality work from start to finish


Early action

Utilizing a design/build method improves communication and eliminates need for bidding periods and redesign time.


Total accountability

In design/build, just one entity – Dick Anderson Construction – is accountable for everything. Timeline. Costs. Design. Quality.


Expertise at work

We have completed many impressive projects on time and on budget using the design/build method.

Savings accompany design-build projects

In this single-source relationship with the owner, we direct both the design and construction. We work within the owner’s budget and consult with the design team to select materials, systems and construction practices that meet the budget goals. We accurately conceptualize the completed project at an early stage. Construction financing moves ahead with more certainty.

The design/build method usually leads to shorter overall schedules, reducing the time from project conception to completion by as much as one-third. Design and construction processes can be overlapped. Purchases requiring long lead times can be made early in the design phase. With design, work schedules and budget tracking all controlled by our project manager, construction efforts are efficient and value-driven, quality is enhanced and risks are minimized.

Let value engineering improve your project.

Design/build method pays off