Safety is our #1 Core Value

We provide and promote the safest possible work environment for the benefit of our employees and make every effort to prevent the occurrence of occupational injuries and illnesses.  We are dedicated to the concept that all injuries are preventable. This is accomplished by instilling in our managers, supervisors, and employees a “beyond compliance” approach to safety and health issues.  Through this approach we not only comply with federal and state safety standards, but exceed these standards for the ultimate benefit of our employees.

Safety focus good for workers, clients

Safety Director

Skyler Willard is our full-time Safety Director. Skyler Willard joined DAC in 2016.


Cost savings

Our low MOD Factor shows our commitment to safety. This low rate brings down workers’ compensation costs, which saves our clients money on each project.

Financial Stability

Financial stability

Our single project authorization to $100 million and work program bonding capacity of $300 million shows the financial strength of our company.

Financially strong, fiscally responsible

Since our inception in 1975, Dick Anderson Construction has tightly managed its projects and its finances. We’ve grown from a small, private client company to a vibrant, debt-free corporation that has successfully completed many multimillion-dollar projects.

Our company has surety support on single projects to $100 million. We have a work program of $300 million in bonding capacity. We havemore than 350 employees and have had an average annual completed volume of work for the last two years of $200 million with over $300 million under contract for 2017-2018. Our financial stability and strength allows us to buy competitively, take advantage of volume discounts and pay our suppliers and subcontractors ahead of schedule when appropriate.

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