The Dick Anderson Construction Way

DAC – Always Part of the Solution


Whether it is working with clients, architects and engineers or sitting on local boards and volunteering with local charities, Dick Anderson Construction strives to be part of the solution. That means that we do not sit back and wait for someone else to offer an answer to a problem, a question or way to get something done. Our people are active participants in generating the path that takes you from where you are today to where you want to be.

Whether that is finding a way to meet your budget or finding a way to construct the project that you have envisioned, DAC will be there with timely advice from people who take real pride in making your project work. When schedule is an issue DAC will gather with the entire project TEAM (Owners, architects, subcontractors and suppliers) to assemble the assets required to achieve that schedule.

Every project has challenges that must be met. You need a construction partner that will agressively and creatively find the way around those challenges. DAC – Always Part of the Solution.

Worksite Accountability

No matter how good the plan, it matters who shows up on the job site. The hallmarks of a DAC worksite are experienced project managers supported by good management practices, technology and iron-clad industry relationships.

We can self-perform many construction related activities, including concrete forming and pouring, wall framing, exterior sheathing, case work and mill work, and door and hardware installation. Having the manpower of six offices to draw from gives us the capability to construct projects in remote locations and to supplement various subcontractor’s crews should they fall behind schedule.

In working with DAC, project owners get the best aspects of a local company and the best of a regional powerhouse. We draw on our years of experience and our commitment to clients to keep crews focused on the job at hand.


From preconstruction to completion, DAC brings its extensive experience from hundreds of jobs to anticipate how things will turn out, sense opportunities for value engineering, and avoid design conflicts that can roil construction schedules.

Tools are an essential part of leveraging experience, so DAC uses state-of-the-art quantity take-off and estimating software to help verify an owner’s budget. 3D building information modeling (BIM) and construction site project management systems help manage against critical path schedules and avoid costly modifications in the field and lost-time hours.

Good foresight also comes from involving subcontractors early to harvest their value engineering ideas and make the construction plans even more reliable and accurate.


Once work has begun, we know that project owners want to get on and off the site as soon as possible. DAC’s ability to do self-performed work gives it unmatched agility in the field to respond to weather, equipment availability and trade labor issues. We are also heavily invested in the redundancy provided by our seven regional offices.

DAC has offices in Bozeman, Helena, Billings, Great Falls and Missoula in Montana, Redmond, Oregon and Sheridan, Wyoming, to facilitate quick decision-making. Our teams are skilled at using state-of-the-art project management software to get the best input and keep everyone on the same page.

Community Relations

Large, complex projects have a public relations component that must be mastered so that citizens, advocate groups, neighborhood organizations, regulators, city/country officials, journalists and others can stay on board during construction. We anticipate the needs of these interests by working with stakeholders to identify the least disruptive access routes and times; keeping streets and surrounding areas free of dust and debris; hosting neighborhood meetings to hear and respond to concerns; and issuing site-specific safety manuals.

Environmentally Responsible

Dick Anderson was one of the first to embrace green design and environmentally responsible development because we live in the communities where we work. We constructed the first privately-owned LEED certified building in Montana. See more about our green building/LEED practices under Construction Services.

Green design and development not only protects our local environment, it also reduces building operating costs, enhances future valuation and increases occupant productivity.

To ensure that we stay on the forefront of green building practices, we have committed to supporting all of our project managers as they become LEED accredited professionals. DAC has sufficient project manager accreditation and experience earning Gold and Silver LEED certifications to achieve any of the green development objectives of our project owners.

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