Big Projects, Big Successes

July 13th, 2016


Can $30 million projects come in on time and on budget?

At Dick Anderson Construction, we say, “Of course!”

We are proud of our record of successfully completing big projects for customers.

Take the Bozeman High School expansion project, for example. This 52,000 square foot addition now houses the cafeteria and administration offices on the first floor, with the library moving to the second floor.

Keeping a $30 million construction project on budget and on schedule requires exceptional planning and execution – from the design phase through the final inspections.

During the design phase for the Bozeman project, it was discovered that the existing middle school to be renovated did not meet seismic codes. That required the installation of almost 40 new shear walls that were made of a combination of concrete, concrete block and heavy structural steel. Over 300 helical piers were used to anchor the shear walls to the ground.

We also had to remove the existing heating system and replace it with new boilers and air handlers. Four air handlers in the old middle school on North 11th Avenue were replaced with seven new air handlers. Two old boilers were replaced with three more efficient boilers.

The thorough planning for this project and good communication between stakeholders was critical to its successful outcome.

It is amazing to think that a school project of this size and scope was constructed with school in session.

Another big project was the expansion and renovation of St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena. The scope of this $42 million project required it to be divided into two construction phases.

Phase 1 involved a combination of new construction and renovation of two floors. It also included the construction of a new ambulance garage. Phase 2 called for four floors of construction on a new bed wing addition and emergency department/intensive care unit.

We were the construction manager for the St. Peter’s Hospital project and also self-performed 25 percent of the work with our own employees. They handled concrete work, finish carpentry, door and hardware installation and Division 10 specialties.

Whether we are involved in big projects or small jobs, we bring extensive experience on hundreds of jobs to the construction process. From preconstruction through completion, we work to anticipate next steps, find opportunities for value engineering, and avoid design conflicts that can disrupt construction schedules.

We use state-of-the-art quantity take-off and estimating software, 3D building information modeling (BIM) and construction site project management systems to meet critical path schedules and avoid cost mistakes and lost-time hours.

We involve subcontractors early to harvest their value-engineering ideas and make our construction plans even more reliable and accurate.

It all adds up to quality work done on time and on budget – no matter the size of the project.